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The Gossip Are Coming To New Zealand!

I found out yesterday that The Gossip are comng to New Zealand, apparently on December the 9th! I am so fucking excited, I have wanted to see them since That’s Not What I Heard came out, and they’ve been the band I’ve wanted to see ever since I’d seen the other two in my top three (which were Sleater-Kinney and Le Tigre, in case you really needed to know).

So, instead of posting a whole bunch of exclamation marks and capital letters, I decided to make a little mp3 player jukebox and put some of their songs up here!

And here are some videos!

Listen Up (2007 Version)

Standing In The Way Of Control

Jealous Girls

Listen Up (Original Version)

Don’t (Make Waves)

Their MySpace & website.

Yay! Join me in my excitement! And let us know which band you would most like to see live!

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